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Candles have been used throughout time in many ceremonies regardless of faith. In 2010, the use will grow rapidly due to the combined use of candles, prayers, and technology, called the "Light Me A Candle" iPhone app.This app provides an unlimited number of votive candles for an unlimited number of prayers bringing peace into our daily lives. Candles Bring Peace.

So, why wait? Close your eyes, light the votive candle, write your prayer, and send it on. You never know what might happen. Every evening the shared prayers will be sent out to our exclusive prayer groups of all different faiths worldwide. All we ask is that you donate to help support the prayer network. Part of proceeds will go to world charities you can vote down below.
It allows you to...
• Attract peace during your daily life
• Express gratitude to share well wishes
• Connect to your feelings in real time
• Let our light be your light of self illumination
• Receive relief from your sorrows and defeats
• Gain strength for life accomplishment

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Portion of proceeds are donated to charity. Vote here.