Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I use the candle?
As many times as you want. We have users who use it daily and even several times during their day.

Q: How do I send a prayer request?
A: Click on the white dove located at the bottom right corner.

Q: Why when I click the white dove nothing happens?
A: It is because your iPhone is not setup with an email account. Please visit the following link for more help:

Q: Where does my prayer request go?
A: It is delivered every evening to prayer groups of all different faiths worldwide. We believe it does not matter that you know who, but rather through the use you build faith knowing it will be heard. Everyday someone will be praying for your request somewhere around the world.

Q: Is my prayer request & email address safe?
A: Yes. We just send your prayer request to the prayer groups. We keep your email address private.

Q: Can my prayer group sign up to receive prayer requests?
A: Yes. However, you need to apply and pass approval. Please send us an email at for an application. We are looking for dedicated people.

Q: How specific should I make my prayer request?
A: You should make your request very specific. For example, "Please pray that I may be approved for the $100,000 mortgage loan I need to buy a house for my family by the end of this month."

Q: When will my prayer get answered?
A: All prayers are answered, might not be the answer you want at the time you want. However, it doesn't hurt to ask, for it opens possibility and increases faith. Listen for the answers. It might come from the most unusual of places.